Chest Lift | Getting rid of sagging chest in one week

Chest Lift | Getting rid of sagging chest in one week

Chest Lift, Chest sagging or drooping is a common issue many people face, although the solution is quite simple. This article will discuss how to solve this problem with simple methods.

So that we can once again achieve the look of a full, firm, and lifted chest without taking more than five minutes of our day. God willing, with these methods, you will see results from the first week.

Main Causes of Chest Sagging

Let’s first simply discuss the main causes of this issue. The first thing we have is that the chest is composed of muscles, fats, and mammary glands.

Muscle Weakness

The reason could be that my muscles are weak. Not just the chest muscles, but also the shoulder muscles and the upper back muscles. This makes the chest less firm.

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Chest Lift | Getting rid of sagging chest in one week

Weak Shoulders and Back

If the shoulders and back are weak, if I’m slightly hunched or have the beginnings of a hump (curvature in the upper back), or if my sitting posture is not correct. This makes the shape of my back chain incorrect, so the chest begins to sag.

Weight Gain

The problem is that my weight is too much. I had a large amount of fat in the chest area and after I started losing weight, this amount of fat decreased, so my chest began to sag and was not firm or lifted.

Other Issues

Usually related to weaning, chest-feeding, childbirth, and pregnancy. This is due to the many hormonal changes that occur from the beginning of pregnancy until the weaning stage.

What happens to me is due to the increase in prolactin or milk hormone. The mammary glands begin to enlarge.

And the chest begins to fill with quantities of milk. With the increase in milk damage and the size of the mammary, the chest grows significantly in size.

And just after that, when the weaning stage occurs, the chest loses all these quantities of milk. All the mammary glands begin to return to their normal size.

So the skin begins to stretch to a very large extent and then is emptied. So the chest begins to sag.

And also my skin begins to wrinkle. This is the most annoying thing for women and affects their psychological state. But believe me, the solution is very simple.

If we apply the steps we talked about. And everything will return as before and better, God willing.

Solution for Chest Sagging

Let’s now get into our steps. And it’s just about asking you for no more than five minutes a day in which you will do very simple movements.

And as you are used to with me. I always choose the simplest and easiest things.

Even if you are not into sports, God willing, anyone can do these exercises. We might not call them exercises.

Let’s call them simple movements that we will do together at home.

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Chest lift exercises

Warm-up Exercise

Chest lift exercises

The first thing we have is to start with the warm-up exercise. And this takes us, for example, half a minute to a minute, as you like.

The important thing is that we try to activate the muscles I have in the upper body.

Like the shoulder muscles, chest muscles, and upper back muscles. Chest can raise and lower your hand up and down, which is a very simple and easy exercise.

Yoga Exercise (Cobra)

Chest lift exercises

The second exercise with me is a yoga exercise. The idea of this yoga exercise is that it stretches the body’s muscles.

The position is supposed to be called the Cobra position. The idea is that you start by lying on your stomach.

And then you start to lift your body up. And you start to lean on the palm of your hand and maintain this position.

The idea is that this position tightens the muscles of the entire upper part of your body.

And if there is any tension in any muscles due to wrong positions, it begins to loosen.

It begins to give the back chain its natural position. Which lifts my body from above and begins to tighten the chest and make it full and lifted again.

Wall Push-up Exercise

Chest lift exercises

The third exercise I have is the wall push-up exercise. Something similar to the push-up exercise but I do it while leaning against the wall.

Look, folks, this exercise is one of the strongest exercises for tightening the chest.

Although this exercise is very very easy. And indeed, anyone will be able to do it.

And you start by bending your upper body all against the wall and then you start to come back again.

And also, the more I move my leg away and increase the space between me and the wall, the more difficult the exercise becomes for me. We do this exercise for a minute.

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Dumbbell Exercise

Chest lift exercises

The next exercise I have is that I will do while lying on the floor on my back and lifting my knees.

And I start by bringing any small weight I have. I mean, we can bring two small metal water bottles that are six out of ten liters, which is about half a kilo.

And I start filling them with water. And I start doing this exercise with them.

If I see that this half kilo is too much for me, I can start, for example, with a quarter kilo in this hand and a quarter kilo in that hand.

I increase it later to half a kilo and half a kilo. Then I bring, for example, a large metal water bottle.

And I start filling it with a liter of water in my right hand. And another liter of water in the left hand.

And I start doing the exercise in the way you see it. We hold the bottles and our hands go up completely.

The most important thing is that your hand is bent. And as soon as you lift it up, you straighten it out completely.

And then you bend your hand again until your elbow touches the ground.

And you straighten it again. You must be lying on your back and your back is in the correct position.

And holding yourself from above so that your back takes the correct position. I mean, lying down and you are holding your body from above and your back is correct and the back chain is correct.

And you start doing this exercise in this way for a minute. The more you gradually increase, the more you can increase the weight.

As you can see, the matter is easy. It’s not necessary to have dumbbells or anything.

No, you can do it with a full water bottle and increase it later. And it becomes a bottle with your exercise.

Push-up Exercise

Chest lift exercises

Then we have the push-up exercise. Of course, the push-up exercise is one of the exercises that are considered difficult and most people don’t even know how to do it.

So at first, we will do it in a very easy way. Which is that while you are doing it, you will be leaning on your knees normally, meaning not lifting your knees off the ground.

And you just start doing the push-up exercise with the upper part that you go up and down.

Most importantly, you do it right like the video exactly.

After that, if you can lift your knees off the ground. And you start doing the exercise and your body is lifted in the normal push-up position, do it.

If you can reach this stage. Stay in the second stage is also very effective. Because this exercise works very well. If you actually do this exercise and the previous exercise, you will feel a pull in the chest area. Because this exercise works directly on the chest muscles. And also on the upper shoulder muscles. It will adjust your chest area because this exercise works on the chest area. And it will also make your back straight. We will do this exercise for a minute.

As you can see, all the exercises with us will not take more than five minutes a day for you.

Naturally, on the first day you do the exercise, you feel a slight pull in the shoulder area, but it’s not painful at all, it will be a very weak pull, but this means that the exercise you are doing is right and that the matter has started to work for you.

The most important thing is persistence. At first, I’m not asking you for more than five minutes every day for seven days.

We are talking about thirty-five minutes over the week. See the difference that will happen in the first seven days.

After that, make these exercises a habit for you until you find that you have reached the shape you want.

Important Things with Exercises

The most important thing I have with these exercises. When you drink sufficient water in the day you take your full need for water.

Because this helps the skin to tighten again and return to its natural state again.

Of course, with all this, you must be wearing a good chest bra that lifts your chest well. It is forbidden at this time for you to take off the chest bra at home and all this talk.

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Chest lift exercises

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